Every member of your practice team is in the sales and service dept.

When you have a great dental team, all members play an important role in making the business successful.

Let’s look at the role of hygienists and the contribution they make to your operation. They are definitely specialists with a very specific technical skillset. However, when they are freed from this silo, they become so much more.

These are some of the expectations one would have for a hygienist:

∙ take diagnostic photos, impressions, and all types of radiographs (such as Panorex, full-mouth series, vertical and horizontal bitewings, and cephalometric and TMJ radiographs)

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∙ re-cement temporaries

∙ place IRM

∙ discuss and review all risks, benefits, and any alternatives to care and treatment

But if you want to maximize their interactions with your clients/patients they should also be able to:

∙ provide information about fees

∙ schedule appointments

∙ provide fluoride and local anesthesia

∙ place sealants

∙ review home-care instructions

∙ remove sutures

∙ place medicaments such as Atridox and Arestin

∙ perhaps most important, communicate with, educate, and inform patients before you perform in order to improve their dental health

Too often, hygiene teams lock into a 30, 40, 50 or 60 minute schedule, whether patients need that full allotment of time or not. This is valuable time where you have the patients undivided attention, so it is an opportunity to educate patients about different options available through your clinic.

Simple tricks like this can show an immediate improvement to your practice’s bottom line. And all it takes is raising the expectations and providing some additional training. Remember every member of your staff is a part of your sales and service team. It’s your job to provide the leadership, vision and set the expectations for them to deliver. 

To learn more about how I can turn your organisation into a dental team dynamo, please get in touch.

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