Join Steve Parker from The Profitable Dentist and Excellence in Dentistry along with Dr. Kevin Coughlin, founder of Ascent Dental Solutions, as they discuss how to maximize the value of your dental practice and make it attractive for potential sale to Dental Service Organizations (DSO’s).

What we’ll cover

  • What MSO’s and DSO’s are really looking for in your practice.
  • Why understanding your EBITDA is so important BEFORE speaking with MSO’s and DSO’s.
  • The three most important things every dentist needs to know about MSO’s before they sell.

Excellence in Dentistry Exclusive Webinar

The Destin Spring Break Seminar brings together highly motivated dentists, world-class speakers and exhibitor partners in an intimate, fun-filled setting promoting professional, team driven engagement and learning.

With so many dentists selling their practices to MSO’s and DSO’s it’s important that we understand how to maximize the value of our investment. This webinar brings together featured breakout speaker Dr. Kevin Coughlin with event organizer Steve Parker to discuss the issues around this very important topic.



Your Hosts

Dr. Kevin Coughlin

Dr. Kevin Coughlin is an expert on the business of dentistry. Growing his practices from 1 to 14 during his career, he’s learned what works and what doesn’t.

And he knows that once you “get it right,” it’s not a great leap to replicate that success over and over again.

Today, in addition to his work as an actual dentist, Dr. Coughlin coaches, consults and speaks to dentists across the country on how to build the profitable business – based on proven processes and procedures.

Steve Parker

After many years in the dental industry, I now focus my efforts on building Excellence In Dentistry, LLC and The Profitable Dentist Magazine into industry-leading brands, dedicated to enhancing the business of dentistry for sole practitioners and emerging DSOs through education, mentorship, and exposure to the brightest minds in dentistry. It is my mission to position these pioneering brands into the industry’s leading resources of information, products and services designed to aid dental practice owners in their startup, growth, and exit strategies.