Meet your front desk receptionist: the most important person in your Practice…

In many offices the front desk reception staff rarely get the respect they deserve.  But if you run a dental practice they are the most important component of your customer service experience.

Having a clinically trained person answer calls that require complex answers is absolutely essential.

Imagine a patient calling about implants, extractions, or upper or lower fixed or removable prostheses. How would you feel, as an existing or new patient, if you were told, “I am so sorry; I cannot answer those questions. I am not sure whether we provide that level of care and service.”

Your front-desk coordinator has to be able to answer a full array questions. These can include:

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∙ Radiographs (how and when they are performed)

∙ Extractions (what can be expected regarding postoperative discomfort, how long they take, and how much they cost)

∙ Implants (their advantages, when they should be recommended, and cost)

∙ Periodontal or gum infections and periodontal care (what is entailed, potential pain, and cost)

∙ Headaches, jaw pain, limited range of motion, or simply TMJ treatment (when is treatment performed, what is involved, and cost)

The list can go on, but you get the point. Speaking strictly from a business and sales perspective, the front-desk coordinator has to have knowledge and information about all the clinical procedures your office provides.

The front-desk coordinator is an educator and sales person—make no mistake about it. Once the “sale” is made they then have to get patients into the office for the correct amount of time and allocate an appropriate slot in your appointment schedule.  

If you already have a good front desk receptionist, that’s fine. Just take some time to get them trained properly for their role as the most important representative of your practice.

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Kevin Coughlin

Kevin Coughlin, DMD, MBA, FAGD, MAGD at Ascent Dental Solutions
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