Patient fears and finances and how to address them

Twelve months is a long time to go between checkups.

When I haven’t seen a dental patient for over a year, I update their records, perhaps do new bitewing radiographs, and conduct a clinical exam and hygiene session.

Digging deeper, I always question why my patient hasn’t been in touch.

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In most cases, the issues are fear, finances, or time.

When it comes to fear, I recommend offering a sedation option. There are many viable ones including oral, inhalation, intravenous, or general anesthesia. Having these as options in your practice not only allows your patients choices to make their visit a less stressful one, but also allows you to grow and expand your patient base.

If the patient has financial concerns, an evaluation of the plans your office accepts is in order. Although each has ramifications with regards to cost, time and financial factors to your organization, they should be reviewed with an eye towards the potential upside of being able to accept more clients. Methods of non-plan payment should also be evaluated ranging from credit cards to credit companies adept at handling dental payments.

If time is the issue and it prevents your patients from seeking care, then maybe it’s time to review your operating hours. The more you can do that allows for flexible service schedules such as evenings and weekends underscores your commitment to exceptional care and service.

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