Provide a positive customer experience to profit from your patients

When someone walks into a dental office they are both a patient and a consumer.

As they sit in the chair with mouths open, they’re obviously your patient. But in the moments before and after they are most definitely a consumer.

If you don’t think so, just consider the impact Google recommendations can have on your practice.

Providing a good “consumer experience” is just as important as providing good patient outcomes to your success as a dentist. You could be the greatest dentist in the world. But if you constantly screw up your billing, or let your waiting room become a museum for decades old issues of Dentistry Today, then people will be less likely to return to your practice or recommend it to friends and family.

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It’s about vision and purpose. You need to determine what is going to turn your patients into repeat customers – while keeping your focus squarely on the health outcomes of everyone who walks through your door.

Patients or customers will be moved when they understand your value proposition is lifelong health with a solid customer focus.

Knowing that their health, and not their pocketbook, is your priority builds trust and makes patients more likely to agree to treatment plans recommended by you. This is key to growing your practice.

When I look at different practices what I find is while treatment plans are usually acceptable to customers, the rate of case acceptance by customers is rather low.

If your patients do not believe, like and trust (BLT) you, it becomes very difficult to get case acceptance. And even when you do get grudging case acceptance from a patient who does not 100% believe, like or trust in you, it will ultimately it will lead to problems.

Focus on aesthetics, function and structure. If you combine these three elements, you will significantly improve case acceptance and you’ll profit from it.

In the end, health care providers are held in high esteem. But selling is not negative. You are a service provider. And if your service has value and it is demonstrated at every point of the customer experience your practice will grow.

If you’re a dentist or other healthcare professional and you’d like to discuss how to build a practice based on positive customer experience, please get in touch.

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Kevin Coughlin

Kevin Coughlin, DMD, MBA, FAGD, MAGD at Ascent Dental Solutions
Dr. Kevin Coughlin is an expert on the business of dentistry. Growing his practices from 1 to 14 during his career, he’s learned what works and what doesn’t.

And he knows that once you “get it right,” it’s not a great leap to replicate that success over and over again.

Today, in addition to his work as an actual dentist, Dr. Coughlin coaches, consults and speaks to dentists across the country on how to build the practice of their dreams – based on proven processes and procedures.
Kevin Coughlin
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